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Hi! I’m Toni, you Personal Shopper. I’ve completed over 700 shops and delivered to happy customers. My commitment to excellence makes sure your family gets the freshest food and perfect produce every time. I search high and low for products that aren’t where they should be. In the back of the lowest shelf to the depths of the freezer, I make sure it’s out before I offer a substitution.

When you choose Home Shopping Zone as your grocery delivery service, you’re supporting a local small business. There are no hidden fees or markups. Delivery fees and tips go directly to support my business.

You can have the peace of mind in knowing who will show up at your door every time you place an order. I look forward to meeting you and shopping for your family.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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I shop your favorite local stores. Don’t see a store here or in the app? Ask me about. I can shop any store that accepts Visa, as long as it’s in my designated shopping zone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Shopping Zone is a personal shopping service providing grocery deliver service in the northwest Houston area. Your build your grocery list, schedule your shop, then your personal shopper goes to the store to shop. Your groceries are delivered to your home.

You may order from any store in the app or any store that accepts Visa. If you don’t see a store, just ask your shopper. HSZ can even pick up and deliver restaurant orders.

Dumpling is the technology that powers the Home Shopping Zone experience. It is the app used to place and process your grocery transaction.

When you place an order with Home Shopping Zone, you pay:

  • in-store prices for your groceries. There’s no markup. I give you the store receipt.
  • a shop and deliver fee. This fee is currently $18 or 15% of the order total, whichever is greater. Fees subject to change without notice.
  • a tip that goes to your personal shopper.

There are no hidden fees. The only other fees you might incur are “out of area” fees or a cancellation fee. The out of area fee is $5 for every 5 miles over the first 5 miles from the store. The cancellation fee is $25 for orders not cancelled within 2 hours prior to the beginning of your scheduled delivery window.

You place an order by building your list within the dumpling app. Once you’ve built your list, you checkout to complete placing your order. You can edit your order up to an hour before your scheduled delivery window. Any changes made after that time may not be processed.

Other ways to place an order include, the Basket app, by email, texting a written list, or sharing a list from a store or other shopping app. I recommend the Basket app for better price estimates and product selection. When you use this app, you will simply share your list link with me via text message.

Watch the video below for more information on placing an order.

If you use the dumpling app to create your list and can’t find an item, you can tap “+Write in a custom item”, type in what you want in the Name field, enter any notes in the Note field, enter a price estimate, add the quantity, then click add item. (See video).

You can find a the stores in the app or by clicking here to view our store locator.

Currently I shop H-E-B, Kroger, ALDI, Target, Randalls, Sprouts, and Whole Foods. To be honest, I can shop any store that accepts Visa. Just ask to be sure.

The short answer is I’m not Shipt or Instacart. Home Shopping Zone is an independent small business providing a private professional personal shopping experience. Unlike grocery delivery services, I get to select the clients I work with. My clients benefit by getting the same shopper every time, along with a premium shopping experience. I can shop multiple stores in one order. This means you’re able to get what you need, when you need it. Whether is shopping at H-E-B and Kroger, or going to another store to find an item that was out of stock at the requested store, I’ve got you covered!

You will likely pay a similar final price when choosing HSZ over the others. However, our service fees are not hidden in product markups. Services like Shipt and Instacart markup prices by 20% to 30%. With HSZ, you pay in-store prices along with fair compensation for private personal service. In addition to your store receipt, you’ll receive a complete breakdown of service fees in the dumpling app when your service has been rendered.

If you have a question about placing an order, an existing order, stores, or anything not related to tech issues with the dumpling app, contact Home Shopping Zone using the chat feature on our website, by email at hszhouston@gmail.com, or by calling 281-849-7382.

For issues with the dumpling app, access the help section in the app and send an email to dumpling support.

No. At this time HSZ does not deliver alcohol or tobacco products.

I understand that life happen and we sometimes need to change our plans. If you need to cancel an order, you may do so up to 2 hours prior to your scheduled delivery window or appointment. You may can your order by sending a text message to 281-849-7382. If you used priority scheduling, you may either cancel by text or by canceling your appointment using the link in your confirmation email.

Orders cancelled less than 2 hours prior to the delivery window or appointment time will incur a $25 cancellation fee.

From the time I begin shopping your order, I will be in constant contact with you. I will send you a message when I arrive at the store to begin shopping, before I checkout, and when I am on my way to deliver your order. Be sure to keep your phone nearby in case I have questions about your order or substitutions.

When you place an order in the dumpling app, the delivery windows are offered in 3-hour blocks. That means your order will be deliverd any time during that 3-hour window. So, if you schedule your order in the 8am to 11am time slot, your order will be delivered by 11 am.

I strongly encourage you to use priority scheduling to select a 1-hour delivery appointment for a better shopping experience. If you select the 8am to 11am window in the dumpling app, then go to “schedule your shop” from the website or text link, your order will be delivered as close to 10am as possible. (Note: my hours are 9am to 8pm, with the first priority scheduling appointment starting at 10am to 11am.)

If you use priority scheduling for 11am to 12pm, you will receive your delivery close to 11am. Click here for priority scheduling.